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Water Equipment You Can Trust

With our water purification systems, the water from your house’s taps can taste just as fresh as bottled water.

Residential Water Treatment

We sell and install a wide range of residential water filtration systems engineered to correct undesirable water characteristics found in many Alberta and Saskatchewan homes.

Water Softners

A water softening system provides clean, refreshing, conditioned water for your home.

Reverse Osmosis

Bottle quality water right from the taps.

Water Filtration

A water filtration system effectively reduces objectionable tastes and odors while adding nothing to your water.

quality testing and analysis

Professional water quality testing and analysis is an important step in understanding whether or not the tap water entering your home has toxic chemicals.

Eliminate Bottled Water Waste

When you have clean, filtered water flowing through your home, every faucet becomes a delicious drinking source. Refilling reusable bottles and containers reduces non-biodegradable waste, which saves the environment one plastic bottle at a time.

Family Owned & Operated

Being a family oriented business gives us a true understanding of what customer-employee relationships means. Honesty, loyalty and the willingness to go above and beyond to provide the best products in the water treatment industry.

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